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  • More third party enquiries / searches checked against your assets to help avoid asset strikes
  • Greater visibility and awareness of your assets to over 2.5 million searches per annum - that’s about one every 10 seconds
  • Providing the most up to date plans (rather than historic paper plans or via DVDs etc)
  • Providing intelligence for Plant Protection Teams enabling them to priortise support for higher risk works

Efficiency & Financial

  • A single approach that removes the need to provide costly solutions to different types of third parties (online portal, in-house helpdesk, DVDs etc)
  • Receiving third party enquiries that are always within the vicinity of your network
  • Significant reduction in administrative time responding to third party enquiries
  • Industry marketing to increase third party awareness of your network across the UK
  • LSBUD Helpdesk team to handle third party support issues on your behalf
  • Options available to streamline third party plan payments
  • Ongoing inclusive softare development

Customer Service

  • Instant responses given 24/7 with facility to deliver plans within 10 minutes rather than an industry standard of up to 28days
  • Enabling third parties to receive your information from an established service that they already use allowing them to work more efficiently

Asset Management & Security

  • Greater understanding of who is working near your network with a full audit trail of enquiries affecting your assets
  • Control and live visibility of who can access your asset records
  • Established escalation and authorisation processes to suit your network requirements


Do members get more searches?

Membership reduces asset strikes

Helps asset owners keep their customers happy

All asset owners benefit

Ensure worker safety

Helps members meet regulatory targets

You know what's going on near your assets

Efficient system and clear communication

What about data security

What would you say to companies thinking about joining

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Standard Membership

Receive a pdf (via email) with details of all enquiries made in the vicinity of your network, ensuring that your assets are checked against over 2.5 million searches per annum. Your teams are then able to respond with asset plans and safe digging information accordingly.

Direct Data Feed

Receive all enquiries within the vicinity of your network electronically so that your systems can respond accordingly, ensuring seamless integration with your existing systems.

Hosted Plan Response

A fully managed solution that creates automated asset record responses on your behalf, fully configurable to your business requirements, allowing industry leading response times, full audit trails and with authorisation and payment handling facility.


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  • Joining LSBUD raised the awareness of Gamma plant assets in the UK & the full automated system has massively reduced the
    Mark Worden Fibre Network & Facilities Engineer
  • LSBUD helps third parties work safely and minimise any costly on site problems or delays whilst also ensuring that our
    Neil Clarke Pipeline Land Co-ordinator
  • LinesearchbeforeUdig’s fully automated delivery of drawings and work procedures to third parties ensures the right people get the right drawings
    Conor McNamee Senior Lead Engineer
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Interested in becoming a Member?

  • We protect all asset owners, large or small, ranging from the smallest private network to a distribution network with assets along all streets.
  • To request more information on how we can help you, please click the 'More Info' button.


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